Review an invoice

You can preview and edit invoices prior to printing, downloading, or sending them. You can also export all invoices to Microsoft Excel format. To preview invoices, choose Time & Billing > Billing > Review Invoices tab.


Click the Open In New Tab Open In New Tab icon to preview an invoice. From the preview, you can perform the following actions.

  • Download the invoice
  • Zoom the view in or out, or view the invoice at full screen
  • Rotate the invoice within the viewer
  • Print the invoice


Select an invoice and click Edit Edit.


Select one invoice by clicking the Send icon next to it, or select multiple invoices by marking the box next to each one and clicking the Send Send icon in the toolbar. In the Send Invoices panel, choose the file type (PDF, XLS, or RTF) and any of the following destinations.

  • Default delivery method (selected in Setup > Firm > Document Delivery tab)
  • Download to your computer
  • Send to Documents
  • Email an invoice link to the client
  • Send to Client Centre


  • Onvio sends a link to the email address of the client’s billing contact or primary contact (if there is no billing contact). This link expires after two weeks.
  • If you have set up online payments with Stripe, Onvio will generate the invoice with a link for your client to securely and easily pay the balance due online. After a successful client payment, Stripe creates the receipt in Onvio automatically.


Select one or more invoices and click the Delete Delete icon.


Click the Export Export icon in the toolbar to export the contents of the Review Invoices screen to a Microsoft Excel (.XLS) file.

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