Projects overview

If your firm has enabled the Projects permission for a permission group that you belong to, you can add and edit client projects in Onvio.

Add a project

When you create a project, you must use a project template. During project setup you can select an existing template or add a new one. Onvio provides preset project templates that your firm can import, too.

There are two ways to add a project for a client.

  • Open the project grid by clicking Projects on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click Setup > Clients, click Edit Edit next to a client, and then select the Projects tab.

Edit a project

You can easily edit projects in widgets on the Home Dashboard and the Client Dashboard. You can edit projects in either the project grid or the client setup screen, too.

  • On the Home Dashboard, select a project from the My Assignments widget by clicking Edit Edit next to its name.
  • On the Client Dashboard, select a client from the list in the Clients field. Click Edit Edit next to a project's name.

Depending on which features your firm has licensed, you may be able to add and edit project tasks and budget information, too.

Note: If any dashboard widgets are not visible, you can click Edit Edit at the bottom of the screen to make changes. Click the Show Show icon next to the name of a widget section you want to be visible, or scroll down and select an individual widget. For example, to display your project assignments, click the Show My Assignments button. Click Done Done to save your changes.