Notifications that are sent by Onvio

You can configure notifications that are sent to clients or staff when certain events occur. These notifications include email messages, mobile push notifications, and notifications within Onvio itself.

To configure notifications, choose Setup > Notifications.

Styling tab

Here you can configure global attributes that are shared by all notification email messages by default, such as the sender name, sender email address, and the message header and footer. Information you enter in that section will only appear in an email when that particular field is included in a notification template in the Wording tab.

You can choose to use a different sender name and/or sender email for any email notification. Select the notification on the Wording tab and turn off global addresses for that notification.

Wording tab

Here you can configure the notifications that are triggered by various events in Onvio.

  1. Select an event from the list. For example, in the Documents category you can choose Client Adds Files.
  2. Use plain text (without formatting) to compose a short message for each type of notification. Keeping the messages short will help prevent notification failures.
  3. Use variables to insert information such as recipient names, folder names, and file names. See the tables below.
  4. Test the notifications by clicking Send Test. Onvio will send you the notifications via all methods you have enabled: email, the Notifications tab in your Onvio profile, and/or a mobile push notification.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Link buttons may not function properly when accessed through the web interface of some email services. If users have trouble registering accounts or resetting passwords, the [REGISTRATION LINK] or [PASSWORD RESET LINK] variable may yield better results.

The appropriate link variables are built into the default templates, but if you are creating or editing a custom template, you may want to add the appropriate link variable manually.

Global variables

Item Variable text
Firm name [FIRM NAME]
Portal login page [PORTAL LOGIN PAGE]
Recipient first name [RECIPIENT FIRST NAME]
Recipient last name [RECIPIENT LAST NAME]
Sender email address [SENDER EMAIL ADDRESS]
Sender first name [SENDER FIRST NAME]
Sender last name [SENDER LAST NAME]
User login ID [USER LOGIN]
User type [USER TYPE]

Account template variables

Item Variable text
Account Locked
Login block expiration [LOGIN BLOCK EXPIRATION]
Login Updated
Date of prior login [PRIOR LOGIN]

Billing template variables

Item Variable text
Firm contact [FIRM CONTACT]
Firm address [FIRM ADDRESS]
Invoice number [INVOICE NUMBER]
Due date [DUE DATE]
Balance due [BALANCE DUE]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Expiration period [EXPIRATION PERIOD]
Firm email [FIRM EMAIL]
Firm Contact [FIRM CONTACT]
Firm email [FIRM EMAIL]
Firm address [FIRM ADDRESS]
Statement total [STATEMENT TOTAL]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Dunning message [DUNNING MESSAGE]
Expiration period [EXPIRATION PERIOD]

Client Centre template variables

Item Variable text
Client Document
Tax year [TAX YEAR]
Document name [DOCUMENT NAME]
Sender full name [SENDER FULL NAME]

Documents template variables

Item Variable text
Client Adds Files
Client name [CLIENT NAME]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Recipient Submits Response to Approval
File name [FILE NAMES]
Approver name [APPROVER NAME]
Approved or Rejected [APPROVAL STATUS]
Client [CLIENT]
Reason for approval or rejection [COMMENTS]
Recipient Submits Response to Request
Request subject link [REQUEST SUBJECT]
Client [CLIENT]
Staff Adds Approval
Approval subject link [APPROVAL SUBJECT]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Due date [DUE DATE]
Staff Adds Files*
Folder name [FOLDER NAME]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Staff Adds Request
Request subject [REQUEST SUBJECT]
Request details [REQUEST DETAILS]
Due date [DUE DATE]
View request [VIEW REQUEST]
Expiration period [EXPIRATION PERIOD]
File names [FILE NAMES]
Staff Shares Folder - Contributor / Owner / Reviewer*
Folder name [FOLDER NAME]
Subfolder name [SUB FOLDER NAME]
Folder name [FOLDER NAME]

* These notifications can be disabled. See Disable client notifications for more information.

User Activation template variables

Item Variable text
Client Centre Registration
Registration link [REGISTRATION LINK]
Staff Registration
Portal login page [PORTAL LOGIN PAGE]

Internal notes

The CC email and BCC email fields are not currently enabled for any templates, and any content users enter in those fields will not be used.

If a user happens to change their login email address via Onvio Web AND they have either the Documents or Client Center mobile app installed, they will stop getting push notifications until they log out of the mobile app(s) and then log back in with the new login email address.