Give clients access to Client Centre

You can give clients and contacts access to Client Centre to make it easier to collaborate and securely share documents. Contacts must have an entity type of Individual and must have a primary email address. Business clients must have an individual contact as part of their relationships.

Follow these steps to give clients/contacts access to Client Centre.

  1. Choose Setup > Clients (All Contacts for contacts).
  2. Click Edit Edit next to the client ID.
  3. If you haven't already done so, enter the client's primary email address.
  4. Click the Client Centre Access tab.
  5. Click On, underneath Client Centre Access.

    Note: If you don't see this button, you can't activate Client Centre for the client. Confirm that the client's entity is Individual and that you have entered a primary email address.

  6. Onvio will prompt you to send the client an invitation to register their account. Click the Send Now button if you want Onvio to send the email to the client immediately after you click Save. If you want to send the registration message later, click the Send Later button. You can return to this panel to send the message at any time.

    The email message contains a registration link for the client. They'll be prompted to enter an email address and create a password for Client Centre. You can re-send the registration link any time by returning to the Client Centre Access tab and choosing Re-send a registration email to <primary email address>.


  • After completing their registration, your clients will need folders before they can upload documents. Clients cannot add their own folders. For instructions on adding folders for a client, see Add folders.
  • Clients will also be able to access shared documents using the Client Centre mobile app.
  • In Client Centre you will be able to see and select relationships, however you will not be able to see their tasks or documents unless they are shared with both accounts. Client Centre individual accounts are treated as personal accounts. Client Centre is client-specific and not contact-specific so you can see your relationships, but you will not be able to view any tasks or documents that belong to the other contact.