Activities serve two purposes in Onvio.

  • Billing or work codes for time and billing
  • Basis of tasks for project tracking

Add activities

Before you set up activities, you need to set up activity categories to group your activities on reports, and staff rates to provide a basis for calculations

  1. Choose Setup > Activities and then click Add.
  2. Enter an ID and name for the activity. You can also add a description that appears on clients' invoices.
  3. Choose a type for the activity: Time (such as work you perform for clients) or Expense (such as mileage).
  4. Select a class for the activity: Billable, Non Billable, or Administrative.
  5. Fill out the rest of the fields as appropriate, including the rate at which the activity is billed, any surcharges on the activity, and whether to charge tax.
  6. Click Save.

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