Add or update contact information

The Contacts list includes all individuals (staff, clients, and related individuals), organizations (for example, corporations or partnerships), and locations (such as offices) that your firm has set up in Onvio. If your firm has enabled the appropriate permissions, you can manage the display of contact information and add or update contact information. Open the Contacts list by selecting Setup > All Contacts.

Add a contact

Click in the toolbar to add a new contact.

  • The fields that appear on the General tab vary depending on the selection you made in the Entity Type field. The default entity type is Individual.
  • In the Relationships tab, add new contacts or select existing contacts (or clients) to whom the current contact has some sort of relationship, such as spouse, parents, or legal representatives.

    Because relationship types can be confusing, Onvio provides text describing the relationship you select, so you can verify that it's the one you meant to create.

  • In the Periods tab, define the financial year for the contact. For more information, see Periods overview.
  • In the Client Centre Access tab, enable the contact to register for access to Client Centre.
  • You can upload a photo of the contact by clicking the circle left of the contact's name at the top of the page.

Edit one or more contacts

Click Edit Edit next to a name in the list to modify an existing contact. To change the way a contact's name is displayed, click the Edit Edit icon next to the name at the top of the page.

You can also edit some information for multiple contacts at once.

Tick the boxes next to the contacts' names and click the Edit Edit icon in the toolbar.

Manage the display of contact information

Use buttons in the toolbar to manage the display of information on the Contacts list.

Change column display: Click the Show/Hide Columns Show/Hide Columns button and tick the box next to each column you want displayed on the list.

Group contacts: Click the Show Group Panel Show Group Panel button to open the grouping area. Drag column headings to the grouping area to group contacts by entity type, Client Center Access, or other criteria.

Note: The Type column in the Contacts list indicates whether a contact is a client, staff member, or "standalone" contact. Standalone contacts don't fit into one of the other two categories — they aren't staff members of your firm, nor are they clients, though they may work for a client company or have some other relationship with a client, such as shareholder, beneficiary, or spouse.

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