Set up staff rates

A staff rate is required for entering time and expenses. To assign a rate to a staff member, follow these steps.

Note: You must have appropriate security permission to enter staff rates.

  1. Choose Setup > Staff and select the staff member for whom you want to add a staff billing rate.
  2. In the Staff screen, click the Rates tab.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. In the Effective Date field, enter the date on which the rate will take effect.

    Note: You cannot use the same effective date for multiple sets of rates for the same staff member. 

  5. Hourly Cost: Enter a dollar amount. The entry in this field defaults to the cost that was used for the most recent effective date for the staff member.
  6. Billing Rates: Tick the checkbox for each rate description that applies to the staff member.
  7. Hourly Rate: Enter a dollar amount for the selected rate description.
  8. Click Done.