Adding entries on worksheets

Worksheets allow multiple entries/units for a specific item in the tax return. An item with a worksheet has empty_ws.pngnext to it. Clicking it will open the worksheet and allow for data entry.


  • Save and Back button will save and go back to the worksheet summary
  • Save and New button will save and create a new unit in the worksheet
  • Delete button will delete the current unit in the worksheet
  • Unit dropdown will navigate between the units in the worksheet 

Mandatory items inside the worksheet are marked with an asterisk *. Some items will have a default selection.

 After all units are entered and saved in the worksheet, going back to the main form will reflect the total.

NOTE: There are Items with a Worksheet icon but the textbox is enabled. This item has an optional worksheet for possible data entry to break down the units but will also enable the user to enter the total value without creating the worksheet.